Made in America…

If you haven’t heard of USAA, you might want to take note. My father is a 22 year Army Veteran and I was introduced to USAA at an early age.  Fortunately, I was able to have them be my insurance company once I graduated from college and set off on my life/career path and I couldn’t be more pleased.

USAA is by and far one of the best insurance companies when it comes to customer care.
And given Neovia’s commitment and servant leadership approach to our clients, their employees and families, the customer delight bar is a high one in my book. For nearly twenty years, I have trusted USAA with my insurance policies and can honestly report that each encounter has been a pleasant experience. Their customer service representatives are always knowledgeable, professional and friendly. It’s amazing how many companies that are based in the United States have sent their customer service “call centers” to the far reaches of the globe.  Those companies may have saved some money along the way, but I doubt they have been as successful in the attraction, retention and delight of their customer base as USAA. If you look on their website, USAA talks about “exceptional service” and they specifically state: “For those who stood tall for this country and for their families, we stand ready to return the favor”. I am extremely grateful for USAA’s dedication and commitment to our active and retired armed service members, as well as our non-military citizens who are fortunate enough to be able to work with USAA. Thanks USAA!!

Jeff Yoos, Executive Vice President of Neovia

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